One of the coolest things as a webmaster and blog owner is the feedback you get from you the loyal readers, and I do strive to reply to each one personally and I pretty much do. But yesterday my mail doubled and it’s not for the reasons you would think, being that I pride myself in being one of the most abused people on the internet with my views on things, my posts normally get me in a lot of trouble with some readers. But today appears to be different… when I opened my inbox this morning and found no abuse at all I was pleasantly surprised.

Okay so what’s all this fuss about? Now you would have thought that it would be over my post “A fear of flying? They started it!”… what with the recent events in the news and the poor people that went missing recently you would have thought the internet wingers would have spat a sprat. But before you start throwing your dummies out the pram it was solely directed to Airline companies and nothing else, but strangely I never got a single Email over that and I was expecting an instant garrotting.

“Who’s the hot tattooed dark haired slut?” as Kharkiv put it, “Oh wow! Who’s the bitch with the tats?” as said by Derrick Person of London, plus about thirty other Emails from testosterone fuelled, hard up and desperate mechanics from everywhere ranging from here in the UK to Istanbul. My personal favourite was from here in the UK from some guy known only as “G” saying…

“I am from Zimbabwe but I have moved to the England because life is good here. I hate your website as I found all of the references and it’s content questionable and extremely offensive, however I am enquiring about the young lady in your post with the tribal images, does she have a boyfriend or partner… if not can you see it possible to forward my details to her as I am looking for a good looking woman and a partner of good virtue that can be my new wife… many thank you good friend… G”
Now is it me or is this a cry to have some fingers rammed up one’s nostrils violently, the thing is I know a lot of people hate this site but what “G” doesn’t realize is that he’s read every single post BECAUSE he was offended by me.

The good news Mr “G” is that she don’t mind a bit of interracial, in fact she’s pretty damn good at it and trust me… I have about 5 gigs of evidence in a tactfully named folder on my desktop. The bad news is my rude and arrogant friend is that she is a porn star with the “virtue” of a Bosnian prostitute, so I take great pride in destroying your dreams of securing your meal ticket to your “good life here” by telling you with the greatest sympathy that she don’t fucking live here either… she’s American! So I’m afraid it’s back to standing in the corner of jumping Jacks and getting slapped by offended ladies for you my “good friend”

So who is she? Her name is Julia Bond and before you google her do bear in mind the only thing she models are fifteen inch cocks across her forehead, so if your at work I highly recommend you wait until you get home and when your wife is in bed with her teeth in a glass. Here’s a few details about her for those that enjoy pointless facts and bollocks…

Julia is Originally from Long Beach, California, where Bond entered the adult film industry. She has been nicknamed the "Box Cover Queen" in the industry for having appeared on numerous DVD covers during the summer of 2005. In July 2005, Bond attended a gala thrown by the Free Speech Coalition where she revealed that she wanted to have sex with Ron Jeremy. On the May 18, 2005 episode of Jay Walking on The Tonight Show, Bond was interviewed by Jay Leno and asked whether or not she had ever posed nude; as her response Bond displayed an adult magazine for which she had been the centrefold. In 2005 she collaborated with DJ Bijal to release a pornography-enhanced mix tape dubbed Sex Sells. She appeared on The Jerry Springer Show on July 26, 2006, and revealed to her mother that she made "45 to 50" smut movies in one year. In February 2007 through her personal website and MySpace page, Julia Bond recruited fans to appear on the The Jerry Springer Show, where they would have a chance to meet her. She performed her first anal sex scene on the website Frat House Fuck Fest. She also performs ass sex in Elegant Angel's Big Wet Asses 11 and Jules Jordan Video's Buttworx and recently did anal in the "Big Wet Butts" website. She is currently seeing actor Adam Currie.

Here’s a link to some of her stuff… but be warned… it aint pretty rough…