Whilst reading MSN earlier it prompted the Grey matter into a serious deep thought... Where are they now? Basically it's a ponderous wonder at where the icons from the movies in the eighties and nineties vanished to, normally the stars of one hit wonders.

Britain has an especially critical eye on the world of movies due to the fact that after the United States we are next inline for the suckers of a big Hollywood flick, resulting in our opinions mattering when it comes to decapitating the careers of the Hollywood star.

Every now and then I will think of someone and add a post... can't promise you when and to be honest I'm so used to moaning about things, this kind of post is a bit off side to say the least. But true to my word the first fallen star is a hero of mine... not sure why these days, but when I was a kid he was the coolest...

Mark Hamill

This guy is a classic case of what the fuck happened to you, but after a little bit of research you realize that this fella is far from dead. You all know him from the original Starwars, he was the pathetically and socially challenged Luke Skywalker. Now I'm a great fan of the movies themselves and I've done massive back to back runs of the movies with my mates and all kinds. But Mark is still an embarrassment due to the hammy portrayal of his Skywalker. I aint gonna slag him off because at the end of the day I grew up with this guy as my hero, long before I learned that you don't get anywhere in life unless your the bad guy.

These days though he plays the voice of the Joker in the Batman Animated series, which blew me sideways because the talent he plays the Joker with simply blows his poor and cringing attempt at the Skywalker thing clean out into space. As my childhood hero though I have to say he still has it, but not as Luke Skywalker... but as the Joker... the joker is much cooler...

oh and he kills people too which is alot more entertaining... hazzar!