I have a slight problem with non believers, it’s so much of a problem that sometimes I would just blatantly refuse to talk to them about literally anything. The thing is that as humans we have an imagination for the sole purpose of our acceptance to believe, hope and dream. Without it we are merely a shell born to reproduce unforgiving brats, work our knuckles until they bleed to make other people rich and then we suffer the indignity of pissing our nappies, force fed mushy peas and getting beaten up by some immigrant that has somehow managed to get a job as a carer. The day I get dumped into gods waiting room they call an old peoples home is the day they find me hanging from my plastic piss sheet.

Also the science behind life on other planets means that the possibility of us being alone in the universe is just a cop out for not accepting that there are people out there greater than ourselves. People choose not to believe because they are scared of the potentially dangerous and life threatening prospect of an invasion, even that is just a theory based on our own barbaric attitudes to one another.

As you can imagine I’m a big fan of the X-files and I watch it religiously, every episode, every season as part of routine. Fox Mulder is basically the voice of people like myself that believe that the higher authorities no more than they are letting on, nothing can enter our atmosphere without us knowing and the fact that these “UFO‘s” fuck off in and out as they please is a bit steep. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but what I am saying is the government let them for reasons that only they know.

Another reason of people’s inability to believe is more to do with religion I think, basically people don’t believe in life outside our rather defenseless bubble because if it were ever proved, then it’s very possible that religion in all it’s forms and all it’s deities would be itself proved a hoax. With over 80% of the worlds population following some kind of faith no matter what group, as a civilization it would be catastrophic. Personally I would be happy for the aliens to invade if it stops Jehovah’s banging on my bloody door like packs of badly dressed wolves every Sunday.

Another thing that really fucks me off proper is the fact that people can have a faith in a God that’s never been seen, witnessed or scientifically proven… yet they can laugh at thousands of eye witness accounts, video footage, photo’s and “top secret” documents involving extra terrestrial phenomenon… to me that’s a bit hypocritical to say the least. I also believe that to believe in a God and be a proper hardcore follower is mug off from their own responsibility, it’s all to easy to blame your own actions on a faith and get away with it… I’m not saying don’t believe but what I am saying is that people should take responsibility for their own mistakes… “it’s God’s will” or “the Lord works in mysterious ways”… yeah right… FUCK OFF! You crashed your own car… so deal with it!