As you know my childhood wasn’t all that fantastic but I did have somewhere to hide and that was Cybertron, I know it sounds totally bizarre but as kids we are susceptible to new worlds that sadly evade us when we are adults. The Transformers for me were the ultimate form of entertainment and escapism in it’s heavenly form, to this day I still own a handful of the original toys that I still crunch every now and then in a strange form of nostalgia.

Now the new film is ready to hit the cinema and millions of bloggers including myself have had the “Paypost” request asking us to the plug the movie. A paypost to all those who are not used to the blogging world is a post we are paid to write plugging a service, film or product. Now I’m in bit of a pickle because the one thing I refuse to do is write to earn money by shamelessly plugging something… I have adverts already dominating free space and posting to promote is against my blogging ethics… but… I love Transformers to this very day and between you and me I have already watched an appalling pirate copy that a friend gloatingly brought round… and I’m also thinking that reviewing stuff in my usual sardonic way might be a bit interesting and add some freshness to my posts… so what do I do?

They say that every blogger at one point writes a post to make money, even if it’s just a rental service or even a picture used. I strithe to be different by writing the posts in a way that I aint doing anyone any favors… but thinking back I’ve already fucked my ethics in the ass and I never even realized. I wrote a post about Julia Bond… PLUGGED! I totally slagged off Tesco… PLUGGED!

Thinking about it hard it is actually downright impossible to write a post without plugging anything, even if you successfully manage to write it plug free you still have to find images and maybe a movie ect. The unfortunate truth is that unless your fucking Rolf Harris or Steven Speilberg your chosen media to make your post more entertaining is gonna be plug.

After thinking about it while trying to save my ethical pride I have come to a conclusion, I am going to plug Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen… and yes I have provided a link to it’s official site but I have removed the affiliate coding on the link so that the review post in no way makes me money, now that drops this post into a new category… a fan post review. Hmmmm yeah I can live with that… as sad as it is.


  1. Hossam Shawky // 18 June 2009 at 16:30  

    Nice work